Why the Bunker?

The Newbury bunker was built for the US Forces on the Greenham Common Air Base as a command and control centre protecting people and technology from nuclear attack.

The IL3 construction and security standards are what you might expect of such a purpose built fortress. It has concrete reinforced walls, steel doors and tempest shielding.

Layered on top of this physical inaccessibility is a 24-hour watch, CCTV and a series of sophisticated access controls. Making your data safe from man and mother nature.

Worried about security?

The security of the Bunker is what sets us apart from the competition.  Cloud Computing is ultra secure and private with CIS.

don't believe us? let us prove it

The CIS Data Centre Includes:

Data Floor

  • Shared or dedicated partitioned areas
  • Space available from a quarter rack to a dedicated suite or vault



  • Environmental and power monitoring
  • Early Smoke Detection Apparatus
  • Firetrace fire suppression system
  • Motion detection CCTV system
  • 24/7/365 video recording
  • Visual verification of all persons entering the data floor
  • On-site parking


Secured Networks

  • Multiple Internet Service Providers
  • Diverse independent telco risers from public highway to data floor
  • Choice of telecommunications service provider


The Bunker is committed to security and so are we. Our primary reason for selecting The Bunker was its Tier 3 Data Centre facilities

Richard Marsh, Solutions Director

Why we work with the bunker

Learn why many clients choose CIS for its Data Centre facilites.

Tour the Data Centre

One of the most frequent questions we’re asked here at CIS is 
"Where exactly is this Cloud?".  

To answer the question fully, we'd like to invite you to join us on an exclusive guided tour into the rarely seen depths of the ultra-secure, cold war era nuclear bunker where our Data Centre is housed.    

Join us on the cis bunker tours