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Working with Veeam Cloud Connect

by Dan Hadland

Recently, I had the pleasure of installing Veeam Cloud Connect on our data centre. As most of you will be aware Veeam is one of the largest cloud software providers in the UK.

Veeam Cloud Connect is a Cloud based backup and Disaster Recovery platform that can accept backups through agents and existing Veeam infrastructure platforms. In the case of agents Veeam Cloud Connect provides a simple and elegant backup platform for end point devices as well as physical server workloads. For those with existing Veeam setups, backing up their virtual machine estate to a Veeam Cloud Connect Service Provider enables a quick and easy route to achieving industry best practice 3-2-1 data retention, especially around the offsite route. Veeam Cloud Connect mitigates the inherent risks associated with tape and/or removal disk backups:

The building of our Cloud Connect platform only took 4 days including the design and testing phases of the install. The Veeam documentation was helpful and provided a good reference point but much of the infrastructure required for implementation will depend on a Service Providers current setup. Once past the design phase the installation itself was seamless and the single Veeam console made the application rollout very easy to complete.

The installation was completed in three major phases; design, build and test. The available documentation provided a good reference point for the design element of the platform but leaves many options open to the Service Provider, such as storage repository design. The build itself was relatively straight forward and proceeded with minimal fuss. Testing was extensive, covering all likely scenarios; workstation backup, physical server backup and VM backups (from an existing Veeam installation).

All in all Veeam Cloud Connect is a great product to work with.