Why Private Cloud?

Private Cloud is a model of Cloud Computing that provides your business with:

  • Enhanced Security

  • Increased Scalability

  • UK Compliant Hosting

  • Improved Flexibility

Why a Military Grade Data Centre?

The Newbury bunker at Greenham Common was built for the US Armed Forces as a command and control air base. During the Cold War as the main tactical launch site in Europe, it featured full nuclear attack protection.

The construction and security standards are what you might expect of such a purpose-built fortress and feature reinforced concrete walls, steel doors and tempest shielding.

As well as being physically inaccessible, the bunker is patrolled on a 24-hour watch, with CCTV and a series of sophisticated access controls, making your data safe from both man and Mother Nature.

Since migrating to the Cloud with CIS, we’ve seen a great improvement in our productivity, along with a highly secure method of working. 

Bernadette Summers, Managing Partner & COFA, John Welch & Stammers.

The benefits of CIS:Bubble...

SafeGuard your data

Our private cloud gives you complete peace of mind. You know exactly where your data lives and who has access to it, you're in the drivers seat.

Future-proof your business

Our private cloud supports success in growing your business. When your business grows, so does your IT. Private cloud future-proofs your business by streamlining all of your IT systems into one place and allows you to budget into the future with no hidden surprises.

Keep your data in the UK

Our private cloud meets strict UK data compliance. This means you can be assured that when storing your client data in the cloud it will always stay inside the UK.

CIS helped us to achieve our business goal through moving to the secure Private Cloud. As an Accountancy firm, we have witnessed a dramatic shift in smarter IT practices that have improved our way of working and allowed us to stay ahead of the competition.

Mark Winks, Managing Director, Bronsens.

Find out what makes us different...

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