Why use an IT Monitoring Solution?

When an issue becomes apparent within a complex IT network, manually tracking down the root-cause through test and elimination of individual pieces of hardware can be a very time consuming process, with costly unproductive system downtime inevitable. CIS:Sight predicts failures in advance, helping you to prevent business disruption along with potential loss of revenue. If something should go wrong, a CIS helpdesk support ticket is automatically created on your behalf, alerting our Support Team to the nature and location of the problem and allowing rapid response to resolve it and keep your systems running at peak efficiency.

Why use CIS:Sight for your business?

  • 25 Years of Industry Experience
  • Prevent Business Disruption
  • Improved IT Availability
  • Reduce IT Expenditure



CIS helped us to bring an aged disparate system together into an efficient integrated system. This was done in a pro-active and professional way that ensured business continuity and no loss of business time for us.  

Lyn Meadows, Director, Jobskin

The benefits of CIS:Sight

Gain 25 years' industry experience

CIS:Sight isn't just a product 'out of the box'. By taking advantage of our monitoring solution you'll also get over 25 years' of experience, giving your business expert advice and IT optimisation.

Keep your business running 24/7

Experiencing any downtime can cause business disruption and reduce staff productivity, costing your business thousands in lost revenue. CIS:Sight helps your business to avoid IT failures through proactive monitoring of your IT systems.

Achieve ISO 9001 status

Using CIS:Sight can help you to achieve ISO 9001 status through monitoring and measuring of your IT systems. By achieving this status you'll attract more clients from improving your businesses credibility and reputation.

CIS helped us to achieve our business goal through moving to the secure Private Cloud. As an Accountancy firm, we have witnessed a dramatic shift in smarter IT practices that have improved our way of working and allowed us to stay ahead of the competition.

Mark Winks, Managing Director, Bronsens.

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