Why VoIP?

The principal reason for choosing VoIP over a traditional phone is the savings that can be made on the cost of calls and ISDN charges. Typically, savings of up to 40% can be made on local calls whilst dialing an international number via VoIP can work out up to 90% cheaper. 

It’s therefore a great money-saving investment for your business. Additionally VoIP incorporates a host of benefits to enable you to monitor your company’s calls and increase productivity.

VoIP gives you a choice of platform including hard and softphones along with superior functionality like your extension follows you, easy conferencing and auto attendant.  Your business can quickly see key metrics such as how long it’s taking for your front line phones to be answered ? or which of your staff members have made the most phone calls today?

Switching to VoIP provides your business with many benefits, such as...

  • Economical Billing
  • Enhanced Availability
  • Increased Scalability
  • Improved Flexibility


CIS helped us to bring an aged disparate system together into an efficient integrated system. This was done in a pro-active and professional way that ensured business continuity and no loss of business time for us.  

Lyn Meadows, Director, Jobskin

The benefits of CIS:Talk...

Easy to budget

Budgeting with CIS:Talk is easy. You are no longer bound by your traditional network provider, giving your business flexible budgeting options for business growth.

Customisation - not just out the box

Unlike many product-based solutions that don't provide much flexibility or support, CIS:Talk gives your business a vast array of deployment options suited to your needs - CIS gives you all the guidance you need in order to achieve your business requirements.

Future-proof your business

When your business grows, so does your telephone system. VoIP future-proofs your business by accomodating for quick expansion.

CIS helped us to achieve our business goal through moving to the secure Private Cloud. As an Accountancy firm, we have witnessed a dramatic shift in smarter IT practices that have improved our way of working and allowed us to stay ahead of the competition.

Mark Winks, Managing Director, Bronsens.

Find out what makes us different...

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