2015 (All News)


Vtech Cyber-Attack

Another serious cyber-hack story has ascended. Vtech, the makers of toys and e-learning applications for children had its database hacked just a few days ago.

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Don’t become the Talk, Talk of the town

You’ve heard it on the radio, you’ve seen it in the news. With the recent high profile cyber-attack on telecoms giant Talk Talk, following those on businesses such as British Gas and the Ashley Madison dating site, the security of stored and transmitted data is once again topping the media agenda.

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CIS is supporting the WOBAs 2016

CIS was established in 1989 specialising in IT solutions, services and consultancy. Their core focus of delivering enterprise grade IT solutions to businesses locally, nationally and internationally has remained key whilst their offerings have grown to include their own ultra-secure Private Cloud hosted and fully managed in the UK.

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Europe Data Agreement Means Privacy Compromised

Not many UK businesses seem to have fully appreciated the consequences of the European Court of Justice’s recent ruling which led to the Data “Safe Harbour” agreement becoming invalid from 1st October this year.

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Two exciting opportunities to join CIS

Are you a good thinker? Do you like a challenge? Would you like to work at a fast growing company that has doubled in size in the last year and is winning business in many different exciting sectors?

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Going mobile...

How often do you check your mobile phone? New research found that more than a third of smartphone owners look at their device more than 25 times a day.

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Is your Law Firm Compliant?

The Solicitors Regulation Authority has recently published a document called the Silver Lining: Cloud computing, Law firms and Risk.

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August Bank Holiday

Many passengers travelling by rail were forced to make multiple changes, use replacement buses and suffer extended journey times. Warnings of reduced services are being announced on numerous routes.

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A Tale of Two Emails

Well almost. I’m here to tell you the story of where your emails go and how your emails flow. Unfortunately I can’t guarantee that it’ll be as romantic as a Shakespearian sonnet, but let’s face it, for most of us it should be a little easier to understand!

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Windows 10 Upgrade Warning

It’s come to our attention that a number of clients are experiencing issues from upgrading to windows 10. This is due to the official windows checker not inspecting all parameters of your system’s set up before upgrading.

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Exceptional Business Growth

2015 is turning into another busy and successful year for Computing Information Systems Ltd (CIS), which is seeing further strong business growth and the establishment of an expanded Management Team.

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Free Windows 10 Upgrade

Everyone running Windows 7 or Windows 8 is about to get an invitation to install a free copy of Windows 10. For those running updated versions of Windows 7 SP1 or Windows 8.1 S14, this will be much the same as the offer to upgrade from Windows 8.0 to Windows 8.1.

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Spam or Spoof?

A subject that seems to crop up fairly regularly on the CIS Helpdesk is that of spoof and spam emails.

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