2015 (All News)

IT Security News


Vtech Cyber-Attack

Another serious cyber-hack story has ascended. Vtech, the makers of toys and e-learning applications for children had its database hacked just a few days ago.

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Don’t become the Talk, Talk of the town

You’ve heard it on the radio, you’ve seen it in the news. With the recent high profile cyber-attack on telecoms giant Talk Talk, following those on businesses such as British Gas and the Ashley Madison dating site, the security of stored and transmitted data is once again topping the media agenda.

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Europe Data Agreement Means Privacy Compromised

Not many UK businesses seem to have fully appreciated the consequences of the European Court of Justice’s recent ruling which led to the Data “Safe Harbour” agreement becoming invalid from 1st October this year.

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Windows 10 Upgrade Warning

It’s come to our attention that a number of clients are experiencing issues from upgrading to windows 10. This is due to the official windows checker not inspecting all parameters of your system’s set up before upgrading.

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Spam or Spoof?

A subject that seems to crop up fairly regularly on the CIS Helpdesk is that of spoof and spam emails.

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