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As part of our ongoing commitment to excellence, we are pleased to announce CIS has achieved ISO 27001 certification –again.

The British Assessment Bureau certification, a nationally recognised and accredited organisation for this award, carried out the details audit across the entire business.


The ISO is the International Organization for Standardization and is an independent body dedicated to identifying best-practices in over 20,000 areas. Once they identify the best practices in a particular process, the ISO creates standardisation certification programs. These certifications can then be used by any organisation to bring their practices in line with the practices of the best-of-breed organisations in the world.

In our case, we have chosen ISO 27001, which is a comprehensive set of best practices for information security management systems. It is an internationally recognised standard, and means CIS has:

  • Examined our information security risks.
  • Designed a set of security controls to mitigate these risks.
  • Adopted management processes to review these controls on an ongoing basis.
  • Conducted an internal audit of the above to test for conformity.
  • Had an audit conducted by an ISO accredited external party to test for conformity

The renewal of our certification requires an annual audit to test for continued conformity, which continues to keep us up to date with the best practices and makes sure our clients have confidence in our systems and procedure, and they can depend on us to protect their information and valuable data.


As IT, Communications, Cloud, Cyber Security, and Data Security is at the very core of the CIS offering; we have committed to adopting a broad set of security best practices, including those governed by ISO 27001.

This certification confirms our ongoing commitment to the security, confidentiality, and high availability of our solutions. It’s important to understand ISO 27001 isn’t just a ‘one-off’ audit, but an ongoing process of continuous improvement, review, and engagement with security standards and processes.


Things are good indeed for our clients. As CIS works with High-Tech firms, Accountancies, Law firms, Financial firms, Architects, the NHS Digital framework, and other organisations with highly sensitive information, it is critical we maintain the very highest standards.

Through this certification, you not only know we have the appropriate policies, procedures and systems in place to keep your data secure.  You also know CIS takes the responsibility of managing your IT seriously enough to subject ourselves to these audits and to maintain these high standards.

You have an assurance we are operating in a professional manner that highly values security, is compliant with an internationally recognised standard, and has been audited by an accredited third party. This certification also provides additional clarity and assurance to you when evaluating the quality, breadth, and strength of our security practices.


We recommend you check out the International Standard Organisation’s (ISO) website. They provide plenty of information on what is covered by ISO 27001.

For more information, please feel free to contact us at 01367 700 555 and speak to our Sales Team – or use our contact us form

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Client Feedback

We are delighted to be working with CIS, the project is already looking well organised and innovative. CIS delivers a prompt professional service with trusted knowledge we can rely on at all times.

John Story, Head of IT

St Paul’s Cathedral

CIS have been our go-to IT supplier for nearly 20 years, and throughout that time they have been flexible, consultative, and above all putting our business at the forefront of their advice. I would be very pleased to recommend them for any company that needs to have a real partnership with their IT company.

Graham Hughes, Managing Director

Rovema UK Ltd


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CIS Overview



  • CIS Private Cloud
  • Infrastructure as a Service
  • Backup & Disaster Recovery
  • Remote Desktop Services


  • Anti-Virus & Ransomware
  • Extensive Encryption
  • Firewall & Next-Gen UTM
  • Penetration Testing
  • Digital Rights Management
  • Phishing
  • Mobile Device Management


  • Exchange Server Hosted & On Prem
  • Mail365
  • Unified Communications
  • Office 365
  • Mobile & VoIP Telephony
  • Internet Connectivity


  • Consultancy
  • Analysis & Audit Services
  • User Training & Enablement
  • Fully Managed Support


Since its inception in 1989 CIS’ philosophy has always been the same. We believe that in order for our team mates to provide the best possible service to our clients and to remain motivated and inspired themselves, we have to create a positive and stimulating working environment. One that encourages ambition, a continued exchange of ideas and dialogue, hard work, performance and loyalty. We have always rewarded our staff for going the extra mile and for embracing our company ethos but we also aim to make their working experience enjoyable and fun, working on the basis that humour can go a long way and fairness and respect are paramount.



Even though we say this ourselves, our portfolio is first class. We offer a range and quality of Cloud Services that can cater for all our customers’ business goals and aspirations. It’s our job to find the perfect solution for your requirements and you’ll benefit from the research and development carried out by our team to find the ideal system solutions for you.



Partners are vital to the ongoing success of our company so we nurture our award-winning network of like-minded organisations, building up mutual trust and respect in our working practices that can only benefit our customers.



It has always been of key importance to CIS to achieve high levels of productivity and to ensure that we remain s highly effective, lean and fast-moving organisation. It allows us to keep ahead of the game and to spot and act upon new products and trends whenever possible. By keeping on our toes, we can pass on benefits to our clients and partners without the need for time consuming learning curves.