28th February 2020

As the current situation with the outbreak of the Corona Virus is still uncertain, and its transmission, incubation and outcomes unclear, the Directors and Managers of CIS have agreed that sensible and proportionate measures need to be introduced to protect the welfare of its staff and their families. 

This is particularly important for those colleagues and members of their families that suffer from Asthma or other respiratory conditions.

Therefore, the following policy applies to the entire staff of the Company without exception.

  1. As from the 28th February 2020 until further notice, any member of staff that travels to outside the United Kingdom will need to work from home for a period of 7 calendar days on their return (but not including the day of return).  This means you cannot come to the office for any reason during that period since the virus can be transmitted via contact on surfaces eg door handles etc.
  • If you travel or transit – i.e. enter the airport terminal when changing planes – via a high-risk country (currently China, South Korea, Japan, Iran, Northern Italy, but under review), then we will need you to work from home for 14 calendar days (but not including the day of return).
  • During this time (7 or 14 days as appropriate), if you have any changes in your health or circumstances that could be symptoms of the Coronavirus, it MUST be reported to CIS and referred to your Doctor or NHS Direct on 111 without delay.
  • Prior to leaving for travel abroad after 28th February 2020, it will be required that you have tested and confirmed with your line manager that you are able to work fully from home on return. 
  • It is your responsibility to ensure that you can work from home on your return, and that any inability to work as normal, within reasonable expectations, will be your responsibility and any inability to work will be classed as further holiday leave or unpaid leave.
  • All business trips on behalf of CIS that require international travel or visiting airports, please consider whether the trip is absolutely essential, or whether alternative options exist to achieve the same outcome i.e. using video conferencing or telephone.
  • Please be sensitive in dealing with Vendors or Clients who may be travelling internationally and if there is any awareness that people you may come into contact with have been to areas of outbreak – particularly China, Japan, South Korea, Spain, and Italy – then please reschedule the meetings until they have been in the UK for 14 working days without any symptoms.
  • If you any reason that you are suffering any flu-like symptoms, temperature or feel like you may be beginning to feel ill, even if you have not travelled abroad, please speak to your line manager BEFORE coming into the office so that we may consider whether you can come into the office or to self-isolate until any sickness has passed.
  • It is also important and required for you to tell us if any of the company clients you speak to have any suspected cases of Coronavirus so we can evaluate how to minimise risk of transmission to the team.  Please speak to your line manager.
  1. As always, whilst we expect that the chances of infection are low, general best practice means that using tissues to catch coughs or sneezes wherever possible, together with hand sanitisers or liberal use of soap, water and drying hands.
  1. This policy will be reviewed Monthly by the Management Team and adjusted or cancelled when appropriate to do so.


Neill Lawson-Smith
Managing Director

28th February 2020