Backup & Disaster Recovery

Backup and Disaster Recovery are two vital yet different components of any extensive IT security strategy. They are not interchangeable terms, but disaster recovery is not possible without backup in the first place. Disaster recovery allows you the necessary tested resources to get systems restored and running as quickly as possible, including all associated data.

What is Backup?

Backup is the act of creating and storing a copy of data to a separate storage location. If the original files are lost or corrupt, they can be restored from the backup.

What is Disaster Recovery?

Disaster Recovery is part of IT security planning that aims to protect an organisation from the effects of a disaster as it allows an organisation to quickly resume functions with minimum disruption. CIS’ cloud-based Backup and Disaster Recovery service offer our clients 27/7 peace of mind. We will replicate your infrastructure on servers housed within our military-grade data centre, so should a disaster occur, you can rest assured we will be on the case immediately in order to restore your systems quickly and efficiently with no fuss.

Benefits of Disaster Recovery

  • Reduces the downtime of your business
  • Improves the restoration time of your business
  • Safeguards your client data from human error or natural disasters