The Ultimate MAIL365 solution for business

Boost business productivity by adding increased security, archiving, compliance and control to your businesses email experience

CIS Mail365 has been built using Microsoft Exchange, so it offers the opportunity to accomplish more with a comprehensive business email experience across phones, tablets, desktops and the web.

Our customers enjoy enterprise email capabilities with bigger and more reliable mailboxes and have the benefit of enhanced archiving, security, and compliance features. CIS Mail365 increases productivity and protects your business information, whilst ensuring your total control.

Mail Migration to CIS Mail365

Ready to migrate your email environment, but aren’t confident about carrying it out? CIS provides modular Email Migration options to mitigate your financial and technical concerns.

Fully hosted in our military-grade UK-only data centre, you can have the peace of mind in knowing that your data is secure, compliant and available at all times on phones, tablets, desktops and the web.

As an added layer of protection, we have our own Cybot AI penetration testing appliance running 24/7 for extra peace of mind.

Whether you are migrating to our platform from an outdated system or looking to increase functionality or security, CIS Mail365 is the perfect solution.

Let’s examine the migration methods that are available to you.

The import tool that is included in your email program. This option is typically limited and usually produces poor results. That is if you can get it to work at all.

Choosing a free solution. This might be another option, but only in the unlikely event that you have a lot of time on your hands. And you’re at ease with some of the more complicated technical methods you’ll no doubt need to use to get it to work and you don’t mind the risk of losing some email data along the way.

We know that paying for migration is a sore point for some companies, as they fear, making a mistake and wasting money on something that won’t work. But CIS knows how to ensure that it will be a painless and cost-effective exercise and we think that’s worth investing a very reasonable amount of your budget in the process to gain the best possible results.

Speak to an advisor on 01367700555, and enhance your mail365 experience today.