Connect with the right people at the right time

In modern business the office can be a coffee shop, a train, the sofa – in fact, it is becoming less common to have a centralised office. With such a remote way of working, this can produce a disjointed working environment, making it difficult for clients to know who to contact, and for staff members to communicate effectively with colleagues.

This is where EVE Phone Systems can help.

The EVE phone system brings together all the essentials of modern technology into one easy to use VoIP phone system, which ensures your business is always connected.

But it is much more than just a phone system. It is compatible with CRM systems, offers video conferencing, interactive whiteboard facilities, call recording, call queueing, document sharing and management of call and contact records, all via a centralised system connecting your staff and clients regardless of location.  EVE also enables you to remain on top of all your business administration with shared task lists, reminders and updates accessed through your tablet, smartphone, laptop or desktop – wherever you are in the world. 

Exceptional functionality that keeps businesses connected:

  • Auto Attendant to direct callers to whom they wish to speak to first time.
  • Call queueing and call back feature.
  • Call centre functionality & Automatic Call Distribution (ACD).
  • Hunt Groups to manage inbound and outbound calls.
  • Multi-Site Feature allows you to connect all your business sites with one phone system and short extension numbers.
  • Instant messaging & video conferencing.
  • Keeps you and your business free from malicious third parties & unauthorised call spends.
  • Records and stores calls for playback at the touch of a button.
  • Compatible with CRMs (e.g. Salesforce and Dynamics) and office software (e.g. Outlook, Skype for Business).

The EVE phone system is easy to use via a desktop or smartphone app, Mitel, Polycom or Yealink handsets or cordless handsets. This allows your staff to access the portal from anywhere in the world ensuring your clients get to speak to the people they need, when they need to and know they will be provided with the information required.

Security is paramount at CIS, and EVE’s VoIP system is no exception to the rule. Eve keeps your business safe from malicious third parties through the use of audits, password management and no-dial-through from voicemail. Additionally, there is 24-hour real-time call monitoring, and you will be alerted to any potential threats.

Click here for more information on how CIS can keep your business secure

EVE is more than just a managed telephone system. It is a complete system to bring all your office technology in line to keep your staff and clients connected.

“EVE acts effectively as a centralised hub which connects your clients, business sites and remote workers, ensuring they have all the information to provide the service your business requires, quickly and efficiently.”

The core phone system offers everything you would expect, including making and receiving calls, unlimited voicemail, hold music and comfort messages assuring your clients that their call is important. 

The Exceptional Call Protection (ECP) monitors call patterns and volumes and will block suspicious outbound calls and report to you any other suspicious activity.

Essentially, EVE can help remote teams work together, share information and allow customers to keep in touch – wherever you are and whenever they need to.

CIS offers a full package that covers secure onsite cloud storage, a dedicated support team of engineers with the latest in security and compliance certifications. CIS ensures that all clients have access to the right people when you need them. See our support page for more information about CIS support services.

Give us a call today on 01367700555, to discuss how EVE could best work for your business.