Unified Communications

With today’s rapidly changing business practices where organisations are becoming more mobile and allowing for flexible working, Unified Communications (UC) has become an essential tool.

The rise and rise of social media and other online communications means that most businesses must now be in a position to respond to their customers as quickly as possible. Clients now demand prompt replies, and can be very vocal in their displeasure if they feel they are being ignored, so your employees must be equipped to handle their queries across multiple channels.

Quick response times can be a key differentiator and help companies stay ahead of their competitors. Customers always notice if their query is responded to in a timely manner and are quick to judge on that basis alone. A good Unified Communications system can manage your customers’ expectations very effectively.

CIS Unified Communications combines fixed-line telephony, mobile, messaging and apps into a single solution. Our cloud-based platform allows you and your team to collaborate swiftly and easily anywhere in the world. Keeping those customers satisfied will become much easier.