Cyber Security

CIS: Cybot Vulnerability Scanning

24/7 network monitoring using artificial intelligence (AI).

Smart & efficient automated security

The CIS: Cybot is a 24/7 Vulnerability testing service, which monitors your full network all day, every day and alerts yourself and CIS to potential concerns for rapid action.

The system utilises highspeed hardware and artificial intelligence (AI) technology to constantly learn your systems and keep a watchful eye on changes and new ways hackers can compromise your systems.

Don't leave any stones un-turned

CIS: Cybot can also test the company website, ensuring any known vulnerabilities are detected and highlighted.

Cybot means you have confidence and comfort that your website is safe from known website attacks and compromises. Cybot is always protecting your public website from being defaced, deleted, GDPR data breaches and keeps infections far from your core business systems.

Why CIS?

Our discrete hardware appliance plugs into your network and regularly examines and detects vulnerable computers and IT equipment that could allow Hackers and Cyber criminals access to your data and network.

CIS:Cybot sends regular Executive reports to meet compliance requirements for GDPR and Cyber Essentials and gives peace of mind that the company IT systems are safe from common IT cyber threats.

CIS has a team of cyber security engineers ready and waiting to respond to alerts to make sure you stay 1 step ahead of the cyber hackers.

Why not consider completing the Cyber Essentials Scheme or a bespoke Security Audit by CIS.




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