Security Operations Centre

Managed Detection and Response (MDR)

Proactively finding and eliminating Cyber Threats.

For any organisation, protecting data should be a top priority.

For the typical business, doing this properly themselves is very difficult and costly, and it is especially tricky to ensure that this is done quickly and appropriately.

Whilst a Security Information and Events Monitoring (SIEM) will pick up obvious attempts to compromise IT systems, businesses are increasingly needing detection technology that not only identifies multiple patterns of suspicious activity that may be happening over a while (more than 1 day), but also the ability to then respond to that without delay.

The gold standard

The CIS Managed Detection and Response (MDR) service provides the gold standard in delivering a 24x7x365 continuous global monitoring and logging of critical IT systems.

Our MDR systems promise a real-time inspection of all data traffic through company systems, and smart analysis to detect threats and patterns in behaviours that indicate suspicious activity.

The MDR service can search for non-specific cyber threats using the power of behavioural analytics and data science to track and alert unusual behaviour using AI to confirm and prioritise risks.

Our highly skilled trained staff are expert at human analysis and contextual assessment to deal with confirmed threats and avoid false positives, with a full audit trail of any incident timeline.

Essentially we are proactive searching, detecting, assessing, neutralising and resolving cyber threats in real time.

Why CIS?

CIS has been in business for over 30 years building resilient and secure infrastructures both nationally and further afield.

We have supported a very wide and diverse client base from the third sector, SMEs and international brands.

We have a reputation for service and business skills that allow us to understand the requirements specific to our clients as well as the cyber challenges that they face.

CIS is well-positioned to understand the underlying technical infrastructure as well as supporting and protecting the business processes and systems that depend on them.



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