Extensive Encryption Service in Oxford for an Added Layer of Business Cyber Security

Protect all of your businesses precious files with top of the range encryption technologies

CIS recognises that security and encryption can be difficult topics to understand. We take the headaches away from our clients by ensuring that all data is secured across any device at a file, folder, email, network and cloud level – wherever it may be. You’ll also have the benefit of support services from our team of experts.

Our encryption services use systems that monitor data transfer by audit function, you can avoid unencrypted file transfer as this is predefined in the platform. You can also prove that files were encrypted at the point of any breach should you experience a problem. This is particularly important when it comes to the GDPR and being compliant.

In addition, users can monitor and control all data transfer in real-time, and any abnormal behaviour or activity is automatically flagged, so you can decide what action to take. CIS will provide a detailed view of data flow that identifies all potential weaknesses and enables forensic examination. The ability to generate this information is vital when it comes to compliance and will ensure that you always adhere to various laws and regulations, which naturally brings peace of mind.

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