Anti-Ransomware and Malware

Ransomware attacks are becoming far more frequent and their objective is one thing – to part you from your money. Attackers will hold your data hostage and demand payment before releasing your data back to you or providing you with a decryption key. And there is no guarantee that they will actually do this once you’ve handed over the agreed amount.

The fact is, recovering files from ransomware are impossible without the attacker’s approval, so it’s vital that you avoid data loss in the first place. It is imperative that your organisation’s network is properly protected from such attacks.

We recommend Sophos Intercept X with built-in has artificial intelligence and a deep learning neural network. An advanced form of machine learning, this detects both known and unknown malware and ransomware without relying on signatures.

This means that Intercept X is smarter, scalable and higher performing than those security solutions that use traditional machine learning or signature-based detection alone.

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