IT Security? Does it Matter?

IT security is often an afterthought, find out why it's important.

Are your company systems and network secure?

Do you know you could cope with any online threat or attack if it happened?

In the global online world we operate in, your business, your website and systems could potentially be targeted by hackers, and cyber criminals and the damage they can cause is horrendous.

What would be the impact if you or your team couldn’t access company and customer files?

How would it affect your reputation if your site was taken over by a person who then demanded a ransom to be paid before they would give your systems back! We hear lots of stories about these real-life situations, causing untold and priceless damages to companies.

Are you at risk?

Is Cyber Security just a term for techie people to be worried about?

IT Security is a real challenge that you need as a business owner to be in control over. Have a look at our guide on how CIS can help you develop a cyber security plan for your organisation.

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