Security Operations Centre

Security Information & Event Management (SIEM)

Monitoring and Identifying Cyber Threats for Businesses.

Cyber threats can come from any part of a business that uses digital technology.

External hackers or rogue employees can pose a serious threat to most businesses. Ensuring that your business can track and identify any unusual activities throughout your network is essential for business security.

What is SIEM? A SIEM is a system that monitors your electronic devices and spots anomalies, unusual trends and patterns that indicate potential cyber issues that may threaten a business.

Why do I need a SIEM? Businesses do not have the time or expertise to collate, analyse and identify where cyber threats are coming from. They need confidence that their information is safe and protected to the highest possible standards.

The CIS Security and Information Event Management (SIEM) service takes instant electronic feeds from equipment across the entire business to detect threats as they happen.

We work with you to set out the critical parts of your business IT systems and use this to set up specific monitoring triggers to provide near-instant alerts of any threats. Our qualified cyber team raise critical issues to the appropriate people at the right time so you can act promptly to any concerns.

The service monitors all your critical systems 24x7x365 ensuring that the ring of protection never stops.  In the same way, an intruder alarm monitoring company will watch for physical access, this SIEM service will do the same for your most sensitive electronic data and IT systems.

Why CIS?

We have over 30 years of supplying IT and electronic systems, right from the nuts and bolts to sophisticated servers, networks, software and IT infrastructure.

CIS understands how to dig into what is possible and ensure that the best possible cover is made with what is already available, and recommend upgrades if there are areas of weakness. We also understand business, management and the need for modern approaches to reducing risk, potential fines, costs and reputational damage from not securing the electronic business assets of a company.



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